This blog showcases the illustrations that I’m creating with (old) makeup.aboutillustration

Why makeup?
I love it, I’m always looking through makeup stores and I end up buying products that I find beautiful, but that in real life I’ll just were once or twice.
Often, I would open up my litlle boxes filled with those makeup products and I would start trying them on my hands and arms, seeing the beautiful colours, just whishing I could do something more with them.
And this idea came up.

About me?
I’m purely an amateur illustrator, I have a fulltime job in the tech industry. I did always like to draw and paint. I studied for 3 years in an atelier, while in high school, mostly working with oil paint. Nowadays, in my late twenties, I was missing a project like this.

What to expect?
For me, I hope to dedicate more time doing artistic projects, learning, improving, and just creating things that make me happy, that can perhaps make other people stop, look and smile 🙂
For now, illustrating with my old makeup that I love.

And that is what this blog is all about.